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Body Lotion
Tamra Romagnoli
So soft

I tried the body lotion on my hands to my elbows. Immediately I could tell this product is different. No oily feel. It absorbed well. After washing my hands I can still feel how soft my skin is in 1 application. Wonderful product.


I LOVE THESE COLORS AND ALSO HOW SMOOTH THEY GO ON!!! I just can't express just how nice these are, all the colors flow together and you can mix them too!!! Also, I love the compact they go in, they come in the little plastic container and then you just drop them in place in whatever or you prefer! Picture below shows the order I put them in for my use!

Love the BRUSH!! Excellent!!

Soft but firm, just enough!! Need I say more?? Love all the products!!

Love the BRUSH!! Excellent!!

I love my new foundation brush, it's soft and allows you to apply just the right amount of foundation through the skin leaving the skin looking Flawless!! I also have the eye shadow brush and it works perfectly. Soft but not too too soft. Just enough pressure for shadow detail. Absolutely 5 Stars!!! Prices on all the products are affordable and work very well just as the description says. Again I recommend the brush and any of these products, as I have used almost 100 percent of all the products already!! Love them!!

Love my concealer!!

Moist and smooth. I use it every single day!! Highly Recommend!!

The Best BB Cream Ever

I have purchased this item over and over again because I love it soooo much!! I use it alone or mix in with my Arius HD Foundation! Definitely a great buy!!! Worth every penny!!
Same goes for all the products by Arius!! I can't say that there is not even one item that I don't love!! 5 Star Quality!!


I love the this lip enhancer. It really works, and I love how it also makes my lips moist and keeps them that way for hours at a time! Love it!!!

Solar Ray Corrector
Honey Cottrell
Best Corrector Ever

I have been using this product since I received it a few days ago and love it! Great coverage without being heavy on my skin. I will be ordering more from Arius Cosmetics very soon. Great products and customer service.

Twilight Tan
Queen B
Can’t go without it

I love BB cream because I can just put it on with my fingers and go. It’s great for when I just want light coverage, and it moisturizes my skin as I wear it. It’s easy to remove at the end of the day, too. No makeup remover needed. Overall, one of my favorite products!

Morning Light
K Jones
5 stars

Light and hydrating. Most products get weird around the crease of my nose but this doesn’t do that or settle in pores. Looks natural. Makes me look like I have great skin. Sometimes I add a little more around my eyes to cover my circles. So worth it!


I’m truly amazed at how inexpensive these products are because they really work. Drugstore prices for department store quality. Love this!

Moisturizing Cream
Shelly Trevino
Great moisturizer

I highly recommend it! Not sticky or greasy. I use it all over my body and face. Its subtly lightened a few dark spots.

Rose Soap
Queen B
It’s a keeper

I put this bar of soap in the shower, and after my husband used it he said, “Wow, what kind of soap is that? I just wanted to keep lathering it up on my body. That’s a keeper.” Needless to say, he loved it! And so do I!!

Moisturizing Cream
Tamra Romagnoli
Love it

This is a great moisturizer. Softens my lines.Doesn't leave my skin feeling oily. Love this product.

5 stars!

Doesn’t cake up. It does its job. Prices are good. My new fav brand!!!

My new fav foundation

Moisturizing but doesn’t leave your face sticky or dewy. Didn’t settle in my wrinkles. I’m in love! I can’t believe these prices for how great this is.

It works

This really does work. My lips look fuller and it keeps my lips moisturized. Worth it!


My new favorite eyeliner. Glides on smooth and easy. Lasts all day! Especially if worn over eyeshadow or powder.

Foundation Brush
Sugar Riley
In love

This foundation brush is amazing!!! Makes application amazingly easy!

Always love Arius liquid lipstick

Best powder

I love this powder. Goes on smooth. It don’t clog or bother my pores. Gives my face a fresh feel and glow. Brightens a little.

Sunflower Soap
Sugar Riley

This soap is so amazing, it really helps with my breakouts. When I have a stress breakout it definitely cut down the time it takes to clear my problem areas.. So very pleased!

Just gets better and better

I had to write a second review because now I have been using the mascara for quite sometime and I really love the creaminess of it. It's what really helps my lashes look like so much more. I really love how rich in color it is...I definitely recommend it!


My lips have been dry and painful. I used a lip conditioner from another
company for days with no improvement.
So I used this liquid lipstick and over night the pain was gone. There healthy feeling again.

These are wonderful wholesome products.

Royal Blue Jay
Shylo Oberst
Blue Jay love

This a great liquid lipstick, the color has just the right pop to it.. long lasting,stay put and no fade.... AAAMAZING!!!